Wild Fantasy, 2017

Live sound mixing, Projection mapping, Digital performance

Through popular music of the Caribbean (Reggaeton, Dancehall, Soca,) including the "Bouyon", Marvin Fabien, multimedia artist and musician, questions the body, aesthetics and cultural codes of this movement in the French-speaking and English-speaking Caribbean. In parallel, the artist is conducting research on new media in art of the Caribbean islands as part of his PhD dissertation and is also assessing the impact of the advent of digitalization in cultural practices in the Caribbean. Wild Fantasy is in the continuity of his research and interrogation as well as his last installation of live performance of light and sound, Strange Fruits Triangle, 2017.

In the performative multimedia installation Wild Fantasy, the mixing of color, light and music evokes an imaginary world from the "Bouyon" culture, a cultural movement which appeared in Dominica in the 1980s due to the emergence of electronic and digitalized music. This movement which is recognized by its very dynamic musical universe, where the body is accentuated with colorful and close-fitting outfits in a social environment that responds to precise codes. The idea is no longer to present a two-dimensional work to the viewer, but to initiate an experience of the building elements of this culture.

The video and the light are projected while dancers, led by the music of the artist, perform a series of actions in the installation. These actions correlate with the music and images presented. The goal here is to bring alive the symbolism of the experience of this "Bouyon" milieu. In this work, the body is one of the main materials used by the artist who conceives it as a medium that can simultaneously express the history and the social, economic, political and cultural trends of the Caribbean space. Similarly, the light, which is a very visible attribute in "Bouyon" musical events, is of particular interest to the artist.

Wild Fantasy portrays a strange social phenomenon to which ascribes to an alternate fantasy, where the spirit of the revealed Caribbean bodies are between abstract and figurative, codes and symbols, and alludes to a paradoxical body.

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