Behind the sun


*To me this is how the Caribbean sounds, "La Caraïbe ça fait ce bruit” *

Project of Sound art performances 2019

Behind the sun : Marvin Fabien.jpg

Behind the sun, 2019

Behind the sun _ Marvin Fabien.jpg
Behind the sun _ Marvin Fabien.jpg

Daddy Dondon had a garden, Daddy Dondon had a machete, Daddy Dondon drank rum after hard work and my visits to him as a child were punctuated by sounds that made the spirit of that place.

This work is part of a series of sound art performances in which I am exploring the various expressions of the “Caribbean Body” in its space. How the Caribbean body connects in spaces? Through the sound, I try to recreate the spirit of the place in which these individuals evolve. In this performance called “Behind the sun”, I pay tribute to my grandfather, Daddy Dondon, who woke up every morning behind the sun at 4am, and in his own way represented an entity of strength, resistance and connection to the Caribbean space.

This work creates a sound space that questions cultural heritage and the way it is transformed, transcribed and archived and its connection in this new technological era.

Behind the sun


The space between the land the sky
Like home
Like home is always trying to find you
Who is he
Black in the morning rising
From behind the sun
Radiating the energy of the ancestors
From behind the sun
Sweating up up
The mountain top top
With child-like memories
He is the “Caribbean Body”
From behind the sun
From behind the man to the sun
From behind me sounds of the man behind the son
Behind the sun

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