Biography Marvin Fabien

Aesthetics and Art Sciences researcher 


Multimedia Artist – Digital Performance, Sound art performance, Painting, Drawing, Video, installation, music composition


Marvin Fabien is a contemporary multimedia artist, young researcher and guitarist musician that questions through his multimedia "Digital Performances" and other digital works, the aesthetics of the popular music culture of the Caribbean.

Since 2004, he has been developing a work based on sound, music and the body. Through this research, he has realized many performances and digital installations including Strange Fruits Triangle, 2017 as part of the FIAP "International Festival of Performance Art " in Martinique and Lest We Forget, 2017, performance in collaboration with the artist Nyugen Smith (New York) in Miami as part of the Miami Art Week at the Prizm Art Fair and also in 2018 in Puerto Rico for the Mecca Art Fair.

His artistic universe mixes sound art, video mapping, mixed media and drawing. He uses sound as material to accompany, interrogate and record states and dimensions of the Caribbean body through performance. In questioning artistic practices related to new media and new technologies, his work proposes a relationship and collaboration with the viewer in the construction of the work.

At the same time, the other media on which he works, including paper and canvas, evoke popular Caribbean archetypes, that is, bodily forms that embody the essential attributes of Caribbean being today. Attributes that are often perverted through popular Caribbean music videos. Furthermore these clips according to him are portals, spaces, to which the rest of the world accesses and discover the Caribbean. In his work, he offers another vision of the Caribbean and presents a Caribbean body that reflects a mix of new technologies, tradition, space, sounds, and borders.




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